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About Us

Who Are We?


We are a United Methodist Church. This means not only are we a small town church who is active in the community through our own missions and supporting others in the community, we are also an inclusive, come as you are, welcoming church.

We are one church in a 5 church parish called “5 Points Parish”, where we support each other’s ministries and grow as a collective. The Other churches in this parish are Republic Trinity UMC, Melmore UMC, Sycamore UMC, and Union Salem UMC.

We are members of the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. “The East Ohio Conference equips and supports pastors, congregations, and faith communities to grow in their capacity to bear fruit that lasts by:

  • being disciples, making disciples, and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ;
  • being God’s agents of transformation in our communities and throughout the world; and
  • being bold and courageous leaders in reaching new people, younger people, and a more diverse people.

Pastors, congregations and faith communities can best live into this vision by recognizing that:

And we are part of the World-wide Methodist Church as we support those in the mission field through our apportionments to spread the Word of God and the Grace that is Jesus Christ.

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